Common Collision Repairs in Lynnwood

collision repairsHave you or a loved one been in a car accident recently? If so, you’ve probably been so busy filing the police report and speaking with your insurance provider that you haven’t had time to make arrangements for your vehicle yet. Dealing with insurance companies can be stressful, but collision repairs don’t have to be. Knowing what to expect from your body shop is half the battle. Keep these common collision repairs in mind when scheduling an appointment with a qualified auto body technician.

Dent Repair

Fixing dents is one of the most common auto body repairs after a vehicle collision. In some cases, many minor dents can be professionally repaired without impacting your car’s paint job. More extensive collision repairs may call for auto painting.

Auto Painting

Auto painting is a another common collision repair in Lynnwood. Scratched or chipped paint is more than cosmetically displeasing; leaving affected areas unpainted for too long can cause rusting. Continue Reading →

Avoiding Auto Collisions with Animals

collisions with animalsThe best way to avoid collision repairs is to avoid the car accident that caused them. While it’s impossible to account for the actions of other drivers, cars on the road aren’t the only things you have to worry about. No matter where you’re driving, there’s always a chance that a large animal will cross in front of you. Auto collisions with animals can result extensive auto body repairs. Here are several great driving tips to keep in mind that will lower your chance of having a collision with animals.

Stay in Your Lane

While your instinct may be to swerve to avoid auto collisions with animals, it’s important to remain in your lane. This ensures that no other cars become involved in the accident. Continue Reading →

Save Money: Avoid Collisions!

Avoid Collisions

Preventing collision repairs is a task more easily accomplished when you work hard to avoid collisions in the first place. Driving safely is the best way to keep you and your car away from the auto body repair shop. Unfortunately, accidents aren’t always avoidable. At the very least, however, don’t be the reason your vehicle needs repairs. To keep you safe on the road, here are several collision avoidance driving tips.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Route

Many car accidents are a result of distracted driving due to unfamiliarity with the route. If you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been before, spend some time reviewing the route before heading out. It’s also a good idea to utilize a GPS or other navigational tool that provides verbal directions. This will help you avoid a visit with a car technician. Continue Reading →

After an Accident: The Most Common Collision Repairs

common collision repairsNo one wants to be in a car accident. Unfortunately, however, wrecks do happen. If you’ve been in a fender bender, it’s important that you take your vehicle in for auto body repair as soon as possible. No damage is too small to address, whether it’s a little scratched pain or a large dent. A professional car technician can get your vehicle looking new again. To help prepare you, here are the most common collision repairs.

Dent Repair with Body Filler

Serious dents that are large in size will often require body filler. This type of dent can’t be completely popped back into place. Instead, body filler is used to cover the dent and then smoothed over.

Paintless Dent Repair

In some cases, dents are minor enough to be repaired without the use of body filler. This type of collision repair doesn’t impact the paint, but removes the dent, leaving your car looking as if it were never in an accident. Continue Reading →

How to Find a Reliable Auto Body Repair Shop

auto body repairHas your car been in an accident? Even a minor fender-bender can result in the need for auto body repair and repainting. If your car needs to be seen by a professional, don’t settle for just any old auto shop or car technician. With so many garages out there, however, it can be difficult to know which one is the best. To help make the hunt and final decision easier for you, here are several great tips for finding a reliable auto body repair shop in Lynwood.

Ask Other Car Owners

You’re not the only person in your area to need professional collision repair. Speak with family, friends, or colleagues about potential nearby shops. Personal referrals are some of the best ways to find reliable technicians. Continue Reading →

Dent Repair on a Rental Car: Are You Liable?

dent repair on a rentalDoes dent repair on a rental car come out of your pocket? Our clients ask us this question all the time after a dent turns up on their rental vehicle. We’ll go over the scenarios in which you may be liable and when it’s the renter’s insurance that foots the cost.

Examine the Car First

First of all, always thoroughly examine the rental car before driving it off the lot. The dent may already be there, and it’s possible for staff to overlook a scratch or dent during their own inspection. Snap photos of any dents you notice, no matter how seemingly minor. Report any damage and check with staff to be sure the damage has been documented on their end. Continue Reading →

Is Your Camry Vulnerable to the “Camry Dent?”

Camry DentThe Toyota Camry is quite a common car. In fact, many of the cars we fix up in our auto shop are Camrys of various years and trims. A phenomenon known as the Camry dent is floating around in various auto forums. We thought this would be a fun topic to discuss; it’s especially a nice food-for-thought article for Camry owners

What Is the Camry Dent Phenomenon?

The Camry dent is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a dent that appears on the corner of a Camry’s rear bumper. Of course, this type of dent is not unusual. It can occur from a minor fender bender or hitting a stationary object such as a light pole. However, the dent is especially visible on Camrys, and especially the XV trims.

The Camry Dent was first discussed in a forum in 2011. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. A number of Facebook groups and Twitter feeds have also been created solely to discuss the Camry dent. Once you realize it’s a phenomenon, you begin to notice the number of bumper dents on parked and moving Camrys. Continue Reading →

The Evolution and History of Car Paint

history of car paintWhat stands out in a car more than anything else at first glance? It’s not the engine or infotainment system, since those are out of sight. It’s the exterior auto paint. Here is a fun piece which outlines the history of car paint. Its origins extend as far back as automobiles themselves.

Examining the History of Car Paint

You have probably run a paint brush over the walls in your home, but never over your car. Painting by hand, though, was how workers applied auto paint in the early 1900s. Completing this cumbersome process averaged about 40 days. They first applied the same variety of varnish as that used for horse carriages.

Manufacturers introduced spray guns in 1924. This breakthrough enabled quicker application and drying time on assembly lines. The finish was also more consistent, thus minimizing the need to sand between coats. Continue Reading →

Why Aluminum Frame Repair Is Trickier than Steel Repair

aluminum frame repairSome modern car manufacturers use aluminum for the frame of the car. This material is lighter than stainless steel. The lighter the vehicle’s dry weight the better its MPG. Despite this enormous benefit, aluminum is not without a major drawback. Aluminum frame repair is a more laborious and time-intensive process than frame repair for other materials.

Why Aluminum Frame Repair Is More Difficult

Unlike steel, aluminum does not have “metal memory.” Steel can actually be restored to its original shape with carefully applied pressure. This simple and quick process does not work with aluminum. The reformation process for aluminum is much more cumbersome.

Aluminum also has a more pronounced reaction to heat than steel. The former is more difficult to weld becaiuse heat travels farther and faster through aluminum. Welding aluminum requires commercial tools that only some auto body repair shops own. Continue Reading →

4 Parking Strategies for Avoiding Car Dents

avoiding car dentsRoughly half of all car dents occur on a parking lot, at least based on our observation. It’s commonplace for clients to bring their cars to our auto body repair shop and complain about the new dent that occurred at the grocery store. In the past, we talked about how to prevent dents from runaway shopping carts. This time around, we’ll discuss parking strategies for avoiding car dents.

Prevent Car Dents By Using These Parking Tips

1. Park Far Away

People have a tendency to look for a parking spot nearest to the store. We recommend the opposite. The faraway spots are usually vacant and will remain so when you return. Sure, you’ll have to walk a few extra paces, but just consider it exercise.

2. Parallel Park

Most drivers avoid parallel parking spots like the plague. That’s understandable given they can be a bit tricky. However, you eliminate the possibility of another car’s being parked next to yours. Granted, there is the chance of getting a dent in the front or rear. Bumpers, though, can generally escape unscratched if they’re hit by a vehicle going below 5 mph. Continue Reading →