Dent Repair on a Rental Car in Lynnwood: Are You Liable?

dent repair on a rentalDoes dent repair on a rental car come out of your pocket? Our clients ask us this question all the time after a dent turns up on their rental vehicle. We’ll go over the scenarios in which you may be liable and when it’s the renter’s insurance that foots the cost.

Examine the Car First

First of all, always thoroughly examine the rental car before driving it off the lot. The dent may already be there, and it’s possible for staff to overlook a scratch or dent during their own inspection. Snap photos of any dents you notice, no matter how seemingly minor. Report any damage and check with staff to be sure the damage has been documented on their end.

Should You Get Renter’s Insurance to Cover Dents?

Check with your own auto insurance. Some policies cover a rental and treat claims the same as an owned vehicle. You may still have to pay a deductible, though. If your insurance does not cover rentals, then we highly recommend signing up for the insurance provided by the rental agency.

You are financially responsible for all dents, nicks, and scratches if you don’t have insurance. You can be sure the car will be inspected with a fine-toothed comb. In most cases, you will be charged more than what you would pay at an auto body repair shop. This is partly how rental agencies make money.

Dent Repair on a Rental: Let Us Have a Look

If you don’t have insurance and a dent occurs while the car is in your possession, we recommend bringing the car to our shop for an estimate. We can give you an accurate estimate for all types of dents and auto painting restorations. Northwest Auto Rebuild performs dent repair on rental cars all the time and can recommend the best course of action. Contact us today for a consultation.

We Can Help with Dent Repair on a Rental in Lynnwood

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What’s Up With the Toyota ‘Camry Dent’ in Lynnwood?

Camry Dent lynnwoodIf you own a Toyota or are shopping for one in Lynnwood, you may have heard the phrase ‘Camry Dent‘. I had not. The day after I purchased my Toyota and drove it to work, I had a mysterious dent on the corner bumper when I returned to fetch it at the end of the day. Turns out it wasn’t so mysterious. It’s a fairly common occurrence for owners of Camrys and certain other Toyotas.

What Is the Camry Dent Phenomenon?

For some reason the dent, which is usually limited to the polyurethane bumper cover on the right or left side, is highly visible and looks like the bumper has caved in. Once you have your very own dent you begin to notice others.

How Can It Be Explained?

One explanation is that, because the dent is just on the bumper and there’s no structural damage, the vehicle’s owner doesn’t have the dent repaired.  The best explanation seems to be that Camry has been the number one selling sedan in the US for nearly 20 years and therefore, because there are so many out there, the likelihood of spotting one with a dent is high. Whatever the reason, once you have a Camry Dent (and I certainly hope you don’t get one) you will starting noticing others.

We Fix Dents on Camrys and All Other Models in Lynnwood

Bumper dents are common, regardless of the kind of vehicle you drive.  After all, that’s why bumpers are there! Here at Northwest Auto Rebuild we fix dents, repair paint, work with most insurance companies to ensure your repairs are covered, and do everything else we can to make the repair process as painless as possible. Contact us to enquire about our latest special offers. We tackle scratches, dents, and other car frame blemishes.

Your Camry Dent Repair & Auto Painting Experts in Lynnwood

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Hail Damage Repair for Your Car in Lynnwood

hair damage repair lynnwoodHail storms aren’t uncommon in the Lynnwood area. The resulting ice pellets are fairly small and rarely the golf-ball-size variety. Still, these little balls of ice can scratch and dent your vehicle. But don’t worry; car hail damage can easily be restored. You may even be able to remove some of the dents yourself. Following are a few tips about hail damage repair.

DIY #1: Sunlight or Another Heat Source

Park your car in full sunlight. The heat from the sun will cause the dents in the metal to expand and pop back into their original shape.

If it’s cloudy, try using a blow dryer. Hold the dryer about 5 inches from the dent and blow for about 2 minutes. Repeat as needed until the metal expands and pops back out.

DIY #2: Dry Ice

Wearing gloves to protect your hand, rub a small block of dry ice over the dent. The sudden, extreme drop in temperature should cause the dent to pop back in place. 

DIY #3: Employ a Dent Puller

This is a simple-to-use tool that uses strong suction to restore the dent. These can be purchased online or at your local auto supply store for around $20.

We Repair Hail Damage in Lynnwood

Even after restoring a dent caused by hail using one of the DIY methods we’ve described, visible damage like scratched paint may still remain. Our auto painting service will restore scratches. Contact us at Northwest Auto Rebuild; we’ll fix any hail damage your car incurred. Check out our shop tour to see the full range of auto body services we provide.

Hail Damage Repair & Auto Restoration for All Those Unsightly Dents and Dings in Lynnwood

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Parking Strategies for Avoiding Car Dents in Mill Creek

avoiding car dents mill creekRoughly half of all car dents occur in a parking lot, at least based on our observation. It’s commonplace for clients to bring their cars to our auto body repair shop and complain about the new dent that occurred at the grocery store. In the past, we’ve discussed how to prevent dents from runaway shopping carts. This time around, we’ll discuss parking strategies for avoiding car dents.

Avoiding Car Dents 101: Park Away From Other Vehicles

If you’re like most of us, you look for a parking spot nearest to the store. After all, you’re usually in a hurry, right? Or it’s raining or could. But we recommend the opposite. The further away you park from other vehicles–and from the door–the safer your car will be.

Minimize Exposure to Other Doors

As you’re looking for a place to park, choose a motorcycle over an SUV–no doors. When the choice is between a compact sedan and a full-size pickup, choose the smaller; it gives you more clearance space. On the other hand, if you must park next to a large vehicle, park closer to it. Yes, this sounds crazy, but less space means less momentum for an opening door to slam into your car. Last, try to park next to a two-door vehicle. One door per side of a car means half the risk.

We’ll Handle an Existing Dent in Mill Creek

Contact us at NW Auto Rebuild in Lynnwood to repair a dent your car sustained during a trip to the local grocery store. We’ll work with your insurance partner to make repairs affordable. Use our parking strategies to avoid dents and minimize blemishing your beautiful auto paint.

Avoiding Car Dents: We’ll Repair Them When They Happen in Mill Creek

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The Smart Way to Teach Your Teen to Drive in Mill Creek

Teach YourTeen to Drive mill creekRemember back in the day when you learned to drive? I do.  I remember the first time I dented my Mom’s car; it didn’t take me long! Dents and scratches can be fixed by an auto body repair service. Ultimately, teen drivers learn from experience. Since they get their lessons at least partly from you, here’s a short guide on how to teach your teen to drive.

Teach Your Teen to Drive…Slowly

Do you have any country roads near your home? Empty parking lots also work. Start by helping your teen get acquainted with the vehicle—how much gas and brake to apply, making turns, etc. Because these sessions can be stressful, start with 10 minute sessions. Wait until your teen feels confident enough to take the car on the road. Then introduce one new skill at a time to practice, such as driving in reverse or parallel parking.

Wax On Wax Off

Repetition is key! Once your teen is ready for the road, establish a route to travel. Keep casual chatter to a minimum, although music is fine if it helps your teen relax.  Randomly ask him what the speed limit is, or how to proceed if there’s a bicyclist up ahead.

Don’t Stress

What’s critical is that your teen gains valuable experience. Sometimes gaining experience means a few hiccups behind the wheel. When you teach your teen to drive, just remember you were a teen learning to drive once too. Just bring your car over to Northwest Auto Rebuild; our auto painting crew will fix any dents, scratched paint or broken auto glass. Our special offers also make repairs affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We’re Here When You Teach Your Teen to Drive in Mill Creek

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Avoiding Auto Collisions with Animals in Lynnwood

collisions with animals lynnwoodHave you ever been surprised by an animal darting right in front of you while you’re driving? Whether you’re driving on the highway or on a side street near your home, it’s important to react in the right way to avoid collisions with animals.

Stay in Your Lane

Although your instinct is to swerve to avoid hitting the animal, especially if it’s a large one, swerving may result in greater harm to you and others than heading straight for the animal.  This, of course, depends on whether there are vehicles in the lanes around you, but if you don’t have time to check, remain in your lane.

Dusk and Dawn Are the Most Dangerous Times

Deer are most active at twilight, or dusk and dawn. These are the hours they are heading toward their feeding areas or to their beds. It’s also harder to see, so it’s important to be extra careful while driving during these times.

Expect More

If you see a single animal near or in the roadway, keep in mind that others are probably nearby. This is particularly important when the animal in question has just crossed the road. Expect more to follow.

What to Do After Auto Collisions with Animals in Lynnwood

It’s not possible to avoid every accident, especially when animals are involved. If you hit a large animal and your vehicle needs repairs, bring your vehicle to Northwest Auto Rebuild in Lynnwood today. Our technicians will handle your collision repairs, including auto painting. We’ll have you back on the road in no time!  Contact us to speak with one of our representatives about scheduling an appointment for your auto collision repairs.

Experts at Repair After Collisions with Animals in Lynnwood

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Why You Should Avoid Drilling-In Dent Repair Around Mill Creek

body-works-4You should turn away from any auto body repair service that attempts to fix a dent using a drilling-in dent repair method. This technique is badly outdated and may potentially cause further damage down the line. You shouldn’t try to fix a dent by employing the method yourself either.

How Drilling-In Dent Repair Works

The method is usually employed when the back of the dented area is unreachable. The technician drills a hole into the sheet metal and inserts a screw. A slide hammer is then used to pull the metal back into place. Since the hole has to be patched and painted over, the process may take more than one day. A more modern procedure like paintless dent repair can usually be completed on the same day. It also requires zero drilling.

While drilling-in to repair dents sounds like a viable method, the issue lies in the hole itself. Even if the hole is patched up the right way, it still exposes the sheet metal’s interior. This leaves it vulnerable to moisture and humidity, which can cause the surrounding area to rust. Once the rust begins to show, so will the hole. This will manifest as a visible indentation or small circular outline. Continue Reading →

Is Dry Ice Dent Repair a Legitimate DIY Method in Lynnwood?

NW Auto RebuildThere are tons of DIY dent repairs that can be found online. One such method is dry ice dent repair. Does it really work, or is it one of those old wives’ tales? Learn more about this controversial hack and whether it’s worth trying the next time your car incurs an unsightly dent.

How Dry Ice Dent Repair Works

To understand the dry ice method, you need to understand the nature of metal and thermodynamics. Typically, you begin the process by heating the dented area using a blow dryer or other heating device to expand the metal. The second step is to apply dry ice. The heat followed by sudden cold causes the molecules in the metal to contract. This pops the dent back into place. Continue Reading →

Prevent a Car Dent From Runaway Shopping Carts

bodyworks-shopping-cartYour car is the last thing on your mind when you park it at the local supermarket. With dozens of shopping carts littering the parking lot, though, just a little wind can nudge a cart in the direction of your vehicle. A car dent from a shopping cart will cause superficial yet visible damage. While it’s not always preventable, you can take active measures to reduce the chances of it happening to your automobile.

How to Prevent a Car Dent from a Shopping Cart

One strategy is to park a bit further or even beyond the store premise. This will mean having to walk a longer distance, but hey, it’s good exercise. Most modern shopping carts have an embedded sensor to prevent theft. What this does is that it prevents the cart from being moved beyond an established perimeter. Wherever this perimeter is, park just outside of it. Continue Reading →

How to Protect Your Car from Insect Damage

mosquitoBugs are everywhere, and every now and then a winged critter goes splat on your windshield during a commute. While disgusting, insect entrails on your car seem rather minor and can easily be cleaned with a towel, right? Actually, it’s not that simple. Car protection from insects is essential because bug splatter can cause longstanding surface damage.

How Insects Are Damaging to Your Car

An insect’s internal bodily fluids are acidic and can dissolve the car’s paint if not wiped away at once. Lovebugs, for instance, have fluids around 6.5 pH. However, a dead lovebug’s fluid can lower to 4.25 pH in as little as 24 hours. As you may remember from middle school chemistry class, a lower pH means higher acidity. If insect remains are left intact, then the acid can etch into the clear coat and paint. Continue Reading →