Why You Should Avoid Drilling-In Dent Repair Around Mill Creek

body-works-4You should turn away from any auto body repair service that attempts to fix a dent using a drilling-in dent repair method. This technique is badly outdated and may potentially cause further damage down the line. You shouldn’t try to fix a dent by employing the method yourself either.

How Drilling-In Dent Repair Works

The method is usually employed when the back of the dented area is unreachable. The technician drills a hole into the sheet metal and inserts a screw. A slide hammer is then used to pull the metal back into place. Since the hole has to be patched and painted over, the process may take more than one day. A more modern procedure like paintless dent repair can usually be completed on the same day. It also requires zero drilling.

While drilling-in to repair dents sounds like a viable method, the issue lies in the hole itself. Even if the hole is patched up the right way, it still exposes the sheet metal’s interior. This leaves it vulnerable to moisture and humidity, which can cause the surrounding area to rust. Once the rust begins to show, so will the hole. This will manifest as a visible indentation or small circular outline. Continue Reading →

Is Dry Ice Dent Repair a Legitimate DIY Method in Lynnwood?

NW Auto RebuildThere are tons of DIY dent repairs that can be found online. One such method is dry ice dent repair. Does it really work, or is it one of those old wives’ tales? Learn more about this controversial hack and whether it’s worth trying the next time your car incurs an unsightly dent.

How Dry Ice Dent Repair Works

To understand the dry ice method, you need to understand the nature of metal and thermodynamics. Typically, you begin the process by heating the dented area using a blow dryer or other heating device to expand the metal. The second step is to apply dry ice. The heat followed by sudden cold causes the molecules in the metal to contract. This pops the dent back into place. Continue Reading →

Prevent a Car Dent From Runaway Shopping Carts

bodyworks-shopping-cartYour car is the last thing on your mind when you park it at the local supermarket. With dozens of shopping carts littering the parking lot, though, just a little wind can nudge a cart in the direction of your vehicle. A car dent from a shopping cart will cause superficial yet visible damage. While it’s not always preventable, you can take active measures to reduce the chances of it happening to your automobile.

How to Prevent a Car Dent from a Shopping Cart

One strategy is to park a bit further or even beyond the store premise. This will mean having to walk a longer distance, but hey, it’s good exercise. Most modern shopping carts have an embedded sensor to prevent theft. What this does is that it prevents the cart from being moved beyond an established perimeter. Wherever this perimeter is, park just outside of it. Continue Reading →

How to Protect Your Car from Insect Damage

mosquitoBugs are everywhere, and every now and then a winged critter goes splat on your windshield during a commute. While disgusting, insect entrails on your car seem rather minor and can easily be cleaned with a towel, right? Actually, it’s not that simple. Car protection from insects is essential because bug splatter can cause longstanding surface damage.

How Insects Are Damaging to Your Car

An insect’s internal bodily fluids are acidic and can dissolve the car’s paint if not wiped away at once. Lovebugs, for instance, have fluids around 6.5 pH. However, a dead lovebug’s fluid can lower to 4.25 pH in as little as 24 hours. As you may remember from middle school chemistry class, a lower pH means higher acidity. If insect remains are left intact, then the acid can etch into the clear coat and paint. Continue Reading →

3 Crazy Car Crash Videos to Show Your Teenager

Bodyworks Auto RebuildIn Washington, the 16-25 age demographic accounts for roughly a quarter of all distracted driving fatalities. Teens and young adults tend to believe that nothing bad can happen to them and may think that texting while driving is no biggie. To truly make them comprehend why they need to be responsible motorists, drill in their heads the dangers of distracted driving. These hard-to-watch car crash videos are disturbing and may just be what your teenager needs to see.

Disturbing Car Crash Videos

Video #1: This video shows multiple images of car crashes along with some stats regarding teenage distracted driving. It also highlights multiple incidents where the young driver survived and others where the driver wasn’t so lucky.

Video #2: This is an Australian video that tells the heart-wrenching story of two young teenage girls who died in a collision after a night of drinking and subsequent joyriding.

Video #3: This video shows footage of teen drivers right at the moment of a collision while being distracted in one way or another. Continue Reading →

DIY Steps for Removing a Car Scratch

bodyworks auto rebuild

Car Scratch Removal in Lynnwood

A car scratch is definitely an eyesore. Perhaps a child bumped into your car while catching a ball, or the car was struck by a runaway shopping cart. Either way, you have a visible scratch that stands out like a sore thumb. Car scratch removal is best left to an auto painting service, though you may be able to minimize the blemish yourself with a few DIY tricks. Continue Reading →

5 Traits to Look For When Choosing an Auto Body Shop

Auto Body Shop | Bellevue Collision Repair | Bodyworks Auto RebuildChoosing an Auto Body Repair Shop in Lynnwood

If your vehicle is in need of quality collision repair or auto painting, choosing the right auto body shop is important. Luckily, selecting a reputable auto body and collision service is easy enough when you know what to look for.

Consider these five traits when choosing an auto body shop.

  1. ASE & I-CAR Certification

The best auto body shops hire certified technicians who care about doing the very best work for customers every time. Look for industry certifications like ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and I-CAR. These indicate the shop is dedicated to quality by keeping their technicians up-to-date on automotive repair techniques and methodologies.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Check the shop’s Better Business Bureau rating (BBB) for customer complaints and see if the American Auto Association (AAA) recommends them.

  1. Customer Reviews

Look for online reviews and testimonials. A single bad review or two, though, is no reason to disqualify a shop. Read multiple reviews, positive and negative, to get the bigger picture.

  1. Frame & Unibody Straightening

Be sure to ask about the shop’s frame straightening process, as this is important for restoring the vehicle’s strength, structural integrity, and crash resistance. You want to use a shop that has the latest frame-straightening technology to restore the vehicle’s frame to its factory pre-collision condition.

  1. Going the Extra Mile

Collision repair shops that really care about exceptional customer service will often offer complementary services. This may include straightening minor dents, detailing the interior, or even something as small as providing a free air freshener.

If you’re searching for an auto body repair shop in Bellevue, contact Northwest Auto Rebuild today.

Professional Auto Body Repair in Bellevue

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The Most Common Collision Repairs in Lake Forest Park

common collision repairsHave you or a loved one recently been in an auto accident in Lake Forest Park, Washington? Even minor fender-benders usually require collision repairs. While it can be tempting to ignore issues you perceive as small, even these need immediate attention. It’s also possible there is hidden damage to your vehicle’s frame. To be safe, it’s always a good idea to take your car or truck to an auto collision service center after an accident. In most cases, you’ll need at least one of the following most common collision repair services.

Dent Repair

Dents are extremely common after an accident. While they can vary drastically in size, most can be addressed quickly. It may even be possible to make the collision repairs without doing further damage to your paint job.

Bumper Repair or Replacement

Your vehicle’s bumpers do a lot to keep you and your passengers safe. As a result, they tend to see the most damage during an accident. Talk to your auto body repair specialist about repair options, but keep in mind it’s sometimes cheaper to replace the entire piece instead.

Auto Painting

Paint damage is extremely common and often necessary for collision repairs. Schedule auto body painting as soon as possible to prevent rust development.

Need Collision Repairs in Lake Forest Park?

Do you need to schedule collision repairs for your car or truck in Lake Forest Park, Washington? Now that you’re more familiar with the most common problems after an accident, it’s time to speak with a professional. The pros at Northwest Auto Rebuild in Lynnwood have offered superior auto body services for years, including for excellent auto glass repair. Our highly-trained team of specialists has a reputation for providing expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on every job. Contact us today with questions or to request an estimate.

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Avoid Unnecessary Auto Body Repair with Safe Driving in Mountlake Terrace

auto body repair, safe driving

The last thing you want to do this holiday is schedule auto body repair for your car or truck in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Even a small auto body painting job can be expensive. While it’s impossible to account for others, you can drastically decrease the chances of an auto collision by adopting safe driving habits. Winter, in particular, produces potentially hazardous driving conditions that increase the likelihood of accidents. Keeping the following safety tips in mind can help prevent collisions with other drivers this season.

Stay Alert

The best way to avoid auto body repair services this season is to remain alert. Remove distractions and never drive when you’re fatigued or sleepy.

Check Tire Pressure Often

A 10-degree temperature degrease is enough to lower the air pressure in your tires. This can make it more difficult to stop suddenly and may result in a trip to see an auto body repair specialist

Keep the Tank Full

It’s also a good idea to keep your gas tank full this season. Running out of gas at the wrong time can put you at greater risk of an accident. This can help you avoid needing collision repair.

Need Auto Body Repair in Mountlake Terrace?

Do you need to schedule auto body repair services for your car or truck in Mountlake Terrace, Washington? While the above-mentioned safe driving tips can help keep you safe this season, accidents are still possible. If you need collision repair, contact to professionals at Northwest Auto Rebuild in Lynnwood. Our highly-trained team will be happy to answer questions and/or provide an estimate. With years of experience, our technicians have the skills and equipment to address all your repairs. When you choose our body shop, you’ll receive expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on every job. We also offer excellent auto glass repair services.

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About Paintless Dent Repair in Brier

paintless dent repair

Have you recently been involved in an automobile accident in Brier, Washington? If your car or truck was damaged, it may be time for paintless dent repair. It’s imperative that you address even minor damage to your vehicle as soon as possible. Putting off repairs after an auto collision can cause major issues down the road. Because auto body painting can be expensive, many drivers prefer repairs that don’t require it. While not always possible, here’s what to expect from the paintless dent repair process.

Assess Damage

A professional will need to assess the damage done to your vehicle before determining whether or not paintless dent repair is possible. Factors he or she will consider include where the dent is, its size and how easily it can be accessed. 

Gain Access

Accessing damage for paintless dent repair is sometimes difficult. Your auto body specialist may need to remove one or more panels or lights before determining the best course of action.

Apply Pressure

If paintless dent repair is possible, your technician will use specialized collision repair equipment to massage the dent back into place. In most cases, this process requires only a single day to complete.

Interested in Paintless Dent Repair in Brier?

Are you interested in scheduling paintless dent repair for your car or truck in Brier, Washington? Now that you know more about this process, you’re ready to talk to a professional. Contact Northwest Auto Rebuild in Lynnwood with additional questions or to set up an appointment today. Our highly-trained team of technicians has years of experience in the industry and has served the Brier community well. We provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on every job, large or small. Our team also has the knowledge, skills and equipment to address all your auto glass repair needs quickly and easily.

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