Why Aluminum Frame Repair Is Trickier than Steel Repair in Mill Creek

aluminum frame repair mill creekSome modern car manufacturers use aluminum for the frame of the car. This material is lighter than stainless steel. The lighter the vehicle’s dry weight the better its MPG. Despite this enormous benefit, aluminum is not without a major drawback. Aluminum frame repair is a more laborious and time-intensive process than frame repair for other materials.

Why Aluminum Frame Repair Is More Difficult

Unlike steel, aluminum does not have “metal memory.” Steel can actually be restored to its original shape with carefully applied pressure. This simple and quick process doesn’t work with aluminum. The reformation process for aluminum is much more cumbersome.

Aluminum also has a more pronounced reaction to heat than steel. The former is more difficult to weld because heat travels farther and faster through aluminum. Welding aluminum requires commercial tools that only some auto body repair shops own.

Speaking of commercial tools, aluminum repair requires the use of a separate set of equipment. Traditional collision repair tools may have remnants of steel shavings. The problem with this is that those shavings can easily cause aluminum corrosion when the two metals come into contact and are exposed to water. This is a chemical reaction known as galvanic corrosion.

It goes without saying that aluminum frame repair isn’t a DIY process. Every portion of aluminum repair requires professional service.

We Restore Car Dents of all Metal Types

It doesn’t matter what type of metal your car frame is made of. Visit our shop tour to see how Northwest Auto Rebuild restores vehicle dents and paint in Lynnwood. Aluminum frame repair is well within our specialty thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Auto Frame Repair for Steel and Aluminum Frames near Mill Creek

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