Prevent a Car Dent From Runaway Shopping Carts

bodyworks-shopping-cartYour car is the last thing on your mind when you park it at the local supermarket. With dozens of shopping carts littering the parking lot, though, just a little wind can nudge a cart in the direction of your vehicle. A car dent from a shopping cart will cause superficial yet visible damage. While it’s not always preventable, you can take active measures to reduce the chances of it happening to your automobile.

How to Prevent a Car Dent from a Shopping Cart

One strategy is to park a bit further or even beyond the store premise. This will mean having to walk a longer distance, but hey, it’s good exercise. Most modern shopping carts have an embedded sensor to prevent theft. What this does is that it prevents the cart from being moved beyond an established perimeter. Wherever this perimeter is, park just outside of it.

Solutions for a Dent

A minor dent may be fixable. It might not be necessary to bring your car to an auto body repair shop. One little-known hack is to use a plunger. This is no joke; some dents can be popped back into place using a common plumbing tool. Soak the plunger in soapy water and press it against the dent. Continue to press and pull until the dent is popped back into place.

The plunger method doesn’t always work. Even if it does, it may still leave a permanent mark or scratch the paint. In this instance, the blemish will require servicing from an auto paint specialist. 

Let Us Restore the Dent

Let NW Auto Rebuild fix your car dent. Browse our site to check out our full range of services. A car dent from a shopping cart is something we fix all the time; restoration is what we do best.

Dent Repair From the Best of the Best

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