3 Crazy Car Crash Videos to Show Your Teenager

Bodyworks Auto RebuildIn Washington, the 16-25 age demographic accounts for roughly a quarter of all distracted driving fatalities. Teens and young adults tend to believe that nothing bad can happen to them and may think that texting while driving is no biggie. To truly make them comprehend why they need to be responsible motorists, drill in their heads the dangers of distracted driving. These hard-to-watch car crash videos are disturbing and may just be what your teenager needs to see.

Disturbing Car Crash Videos

Video #1: This video shows multiple images of car crashes along with some stats regarding teenage distracted driving. It also highlights multiple incidents where the young driver survived and others where the driver wasn’t so lucky.

Video #2: This is an Australian video that tells the heart-wrenching story of two young teenage girls who died in a collision after a night of drinking and subsequent joyriding.

Video #3: This video shows footage of teen drivers right at the moment of a collision while being distracted in one way or another.

What About Minor Fender Benders?

Even if your teen is a responsible driver, he or she may still be involved in a minor collision. This really isn’t a big deal as long as no one was seriously hurt. It also serves as a learning experience. As for any damages, let our auto body repair service handle it. If the collision resulted only in a paint scratch, our auto painting department can take care of that too. NW Auto Rebuild is here to help.

Our insurance partners make all repairs affordable. If not, just take it out of your child’s allowance for the next 10 years. In all seriousness, though, distracted driving is no laughing matter. Those car crash videos may get your teen to realize that sending that text or selfie behind the wheel is not worth becoming a statistic over.

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