Auto Body Repair Tips in Everett: When to Replace Your Bumper

replace your bumper

Has your bumper recently been damaged during an accident in Lake Stevens, Washington? It’s time to discuss options with an auto body repair specialist. While it may be possible to repair your bumper, it may be more efficient and cost-effective to replace your bumper instead. It’s important to realize that the following types of damage are usually unrepairable.


If your bumper is cracked, you should probably replace it. Professionals can often repair damage with epoxy and fiberglass, but this doesn’t restore any of the bumper’s structural integrity. Since bumpers are meant to protect your vehicle from damage during an auto collision, replacing your bumper is always recommended. 


Additionally, you’ll probably need to replace your bumper if there is extensive paint damage. While it’s possible for a collision repair expert to repair your bumper, auto body painting can be time consuming and expensive. In most cases, you’ll save money by replacing the bumper.

Broken Hooks

It’s also impossible to repair the attachment hooks on bumpers. If these are damaged, your auto body specialist will probably recommend replacing the entire unit. Without proper auto body repair, your bumper could shift down or fall off completely. 

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