Do You Need Windshield Repair or Replacement in Shoreline?

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Does your windshield have crack or chip in it? You might need to schedule professional windshield repair or replacement in Shoreline, Washington. If the glass on your vehicle is damaged, it’s important to have an auto glass specialist look at it as soon as possible. Continuing to drive with a damaged windshield also compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle. While an expert will need to assess the extent of the damage, the following factors can help you determine whether you need windshield repair or replacement in Shoreline. Keep the following information in mind as you consider auto glass repair in Woodinville. 

Windshield Repair

In some cases, you might be able to schedule windshield repair instead of replacement. An auto glass repair professional will take a number of factors into consideration, including the size of the damage and its location. Often, if the crack is shorter than three inches or the chip is smaller than a quarter, repair is sufficient.

Windshield Replacement

Sometimes windshield repair just isn’t enough, however. When the damage is too large or too near the edge of your windshield, your specialist will probably tell you that replacement is the better option.

Need Windshield Repair or Replacement Services in Shoreline?

Do you need to schedule windshield repair or replacement services in Shoreline, Washington? Now that you know more about these two processes, it’s time to speak with an auto glass specialist. He or she will be able to assess the damage to your vehicle and recommend the best solution. Contact Northwest Auto Rebuild in Lynnwood today to receive expert advice, quality workmanship, and an unbeatable customer care experience. Our highly-trained and experienced team has the knowledge and skills necessary to handle all your auto glass needs quickly and efficiently. You can also count on our shop for expert collision repair and auto body painting services. 

Windshield Repair and Replacement Services in Shoreline

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