Is Your Camry Vulnerable to the “Camry Dent?”

Camry DentThe Toyota Camry is quite a common car. In fact, many of the cars we fix up in our auto shop are Camrys of various years and trims. A phenomenon known as the Camry dent is floating around in various auto forums. We thought this would be a fun topic to discuss; it’s especially a nice food-for-thought article for Camry owners

What Is the Camry Dent Phenomenon?

The Camry dent is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a dent that appears on the corner of a Camry’s rear bumper. Of course, this type of dent is not unusual. It can occur from a minor fender bender or hitting a stationary object such as a light pole. However, the dent is especially visible on Camrys, and especially the XV trims.

The Camry Dent was first discussed in a forum in 2011. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. A number of Facebook groups and Twitter feeds have also been created solely to discuss the Camry dent. Once you realize it’s a phenomenon, you begin to notice the number of bumper dents on parked and moving Camrys.

A Possible Explanation

We can think of two possibilities for this. One theory is that Camry owners are less careful with their cars due to the model’s reputation for being somewhat anonymous and forgettable. The other theory is that Camry dents are no more common than dents on any other car. Camry dents are just noticed more due to public awareness started on various forums.

We Fix Dents on Camrys and All Other Models

Bumper dents are quite common regardless of car model. We also work with most insurance companies to ensure such repairs are covered. Bring your car to Northwest Auto Rebuild or enquire about our latest special offers. We tackle Camry dents, scratches, and other car frame blemishes.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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