The Evolution and History of Car Paint

history of car paintWhat stands out in a car more than anything else at first glance? It’s not the engine or infotainment system, since those are out of sight. It’s the exterior auto paint. Here is a fun piece which outlines the history of car paint. Its origins extend as far back as automobiles themselves.

Examining the History of Car Paint

You have probably run a paint brush over the walls in your home, but never over your car. Painting by hand, though, was how workers applied auto paint in the early 1900s. Completing this cumbersome process averaged about 40 days. They first applied the same variety of varnish as that used for horse carriages.

Manufacturers introduced spray guns in 1924. This breakthrough enabled quicker application and drying time on assembly lines. The finish was also more consistent, thus minimizing the need to sand between coats.

By the 30s, a new finish known as stoving enamels became available for commercial use. This provided a speedier drying time and glossier finish.

An acrylic coating became commonplace by 1955, which General Motors used extensively. The process involved spraying the automobiles and then heating them in an oven of sorts to produce a smooth finish. Engineers further refined the method in 1960 to produce a glossy finish.

Japan and European counties developed their own painting systems in the 1970s, including a two-coat acrylic painting system. Following this auto body shops in the late 80s introduced polyurethane finishes.

The evolution continues today. Hyundai, for instance, uses an advanced technique called electrocoating, in which electricity flows through a vat of paint containing a car chassis. This process bonds the finish to the metal sheets.

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We hope this was an informative history lesson. Northwest Auto Rebuild is actually more interested in the future of auto paint. Staying up to date with the latest enables us to use the newest technology to provide high quality finishes at low and special offer prices. Come on over today to take advantage of these offers. The history of car paint is still unfolding as technology advances.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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