Dent Repair on a Leased Car

dent repair on a leased carIt’s not unusual for people to come to us with a dent on a leased car and ask us if they would get dinged by the dealership. Of course, various factors come into play, such as the extent of the dent and the terms of the lease contract. We will say, though, that more often than not, you are responsible for dent repair on a leased car. This also includes other damages, such as scratched auto paint, corrosion, and stained upholstery.

When Are You Responsible?

Most lease agreements state that you are responsible for damages other than what would be considered “normal wear and tear.” So, what distinguishes between normal and excessive? Under most contracts, excess wear is defined as a dent or scratch that cannot fit inside a two-inch circle.

We have also heard that some inspectors will let scratches and dents slide as long as the damage can fit inside a rectangle the size of a credit card. However, we prefer to play it safe. We caution car lessees to address any damage bigger than two inches.

You have two options if your car has a dent that exceeds a two-inch circle. You can turn in the vehicle and cross your fingers that an inspector will overlook the dent. Or, you can repair it beforehand at an auto body repair shop. The first option is a gamble, because if the dent is detected, you may be charged for repairs at a premium rate.

We Handle Dent Repairs for Leased Cars

Have BodyWorks Auto Rebuild look at your car if it has a visible dent, chip, or scratch. Our special offers also include minor detailing for the interior, which will also be inspected by the dealership.

We can never say for certain whether the damage will be considered normal or excessive wear. However, we will fix any imperfections as you prepare your car for a return inspection. A dent repair on your leased car ensures a passing grade.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Dent Repair for Leased Vehicles

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