Hail Damage Repair on Your Car

Hail Damage RepairHail storms aren’t unheard of in the Lynnwood area. The ice that falls from the sky is fairly small and hardly ever the golf-ball-size variety. Nevertheless, they can cause scratches and dents on your parked vehicle. Worry not, though, car hail damage can easily be restored by our auto repair service. You may even be able to remove some of the dents on your own using DIY dent removal methods, but we recommend hiring a professional service.

Hail Damage Repair / DIY Method 1: Sunlight

This is the simplest method provided the weather allows for it. All you have to do is park your car in open sunlight. The heat from the sunray will cause the dented metal to expand and pop back into its original shape.

If it’s a sunless day, then you can use a blow dryer. Hold the dryer about five inches from the dent and blow for about two minutes. Repeat the two minute intervals as needed until the dent is restored.

Hail Damage Repair / DIY Method 2: Dry Ice

Just as heat can restore dents, so can sub-zero temperatures. Rub a small block of dry ice over the dent. The sudden and extreme drop in temperature should cause the dent to pop back in place. You can usually acquire dry ice at general retailers like Walmart or Target.

Hail Damage Repair / DIY Method 3: Use a Dent Puller

A dent puller is used by auto repair shops for restoring minor metal depressions. This is a simple-to-use tool that uses a strong suction to restore the dent. A puller can be purchased at your local auto supply shop for around $20-$40.

Let Us Restore Your Car’s “Bumps” and “Bruises”

Keep in mind that using heat, ice, or a puller may restore a dent, but visible damage like scratched paint may remain. Our auto painting service can restore scratches caused by physical impact. Please contact Northwest Auto Rebuild to get that nasty hail damage on your car fixed. Also, check out our shop tour to see the full range of auto body services we provide.

Auto Restoration for Those Unsightly Dents and Dings

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Edited by Justin Vorhees