The Smart Way to Teach Your Teenager to Drive

Teaching Teen to DriveWe can’t tell you how many times clients have brought in a car dented by their teenage son or daughter. Due to their inexperience, teens often cause minor mishaps, such as backing up on the garbage bin, or hitting the side wall of a garage. These cause visible dents and scratches that our auto body repair service can fix. Ultimately, teen drivers learn from experience. Since they get their lessons from you, we thought we might provide a short guide on teaching your teenager to drive.

Teach Your Teen to Drive for Long-Term Success

Let us start by saying that we are strongly against the whole sink or swim mindset. This means your teen’s first time behind the wheel shouldn’t be on the road. Start in an empty parking lot. In the beginning, lessons should be about getting acquainted with the vehicle—how much gas and brake to apply, how it turns, etc. We recommend limiting the first session to no more than 10 minutes.

Repeat driving lessons in an empty parking lot until the student feels confident enough take the car on the road. Each subsequent lesson should also introduce a new skill to practice, such as driving in reverse or parallel parking.

Once your student is ready for the road, establish a route to travel. Keep non-instructional chatter to a minimum, though music is fine if it helps your teen relax. Allow him to drive at his own pace as long as it’s not impeding traffic. You can also quiz him during this time. Randomly ask him what the speed limit is, or how to proceed if there’s a bicyclist up ahead.

We’ll Handle any Dents They Cause

Don’t get too mad should your teen hit a light post or anything like that. Just bring your car over to Northwest Auto Rebuild; our auto painting crew will fix any dents and scratched paint. Our special offers also make repairs affordable.

What’s important is that your teen gains valuable experience. Though sometimes gaining experience entails a few hiccups behind the wheel. When you teach your teen to drive, just remember to instill the value of safe vehicle operation.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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