Protect Your Auto Paint with a Mud Flap

Mud Flaps │ Lynnwood │ Northwest Auto RebuildOur clients are always coming to our auto paint department for advice on how to preserve their car’s paintjob. It really comes down to prevention and not exposing the paint to environmental and man-made elements. This is precisely why we often advise our clients to install mud flaps, especially if they routinely take their vehicle for an off-road spin.

How Mud Flaps Work

Mud flaps, also called splash guards, are flaps installed behind the tires. They’re a common add-on accessory on full-size pickup trucks and SUVs. As suggested in their name, the flaps protect your car from collecting mud and dirt. This includes other road elements like salt, tar, and slush. It also protects your car from nicks and dents caused by flying pebbles kicked up by the tires.

Is mud damaging to your auto paint? A bit of mud isn’t going to ruin the paintwork, especially if it’s immediately hosed away. However, if you let the mud sit on the surface over a period of days, then it could corrode the paint. Mud is essentially made up of clay, which has abrasive properties.

Some of our clients actually and purposefully leave the mud on their vehicles for a few days. Apparently, a mud-stained vehicle is a sign of a rugged car that earned its reputation as on off-roader. We completely understand the reasoning behind this. However, for the sake of your paintjob, we highly recommend washing the mud away immediately.

We’ll Restore Paint Damaged by Mud

We can tell when mud is responsible for the corrosion of auto paint. Contact Northwest Auto Rebuild to check out our shop tour and see what we can do to restore your car’s surface coat. Our auto body repair service can also fix up any major scratches and dents. As for mud flaps, we highly recommend them if you consider yourself a weekend off-roader.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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