Does a Dent Affect Your Car’s Resale Value?

Dents & Car Resale Value Cars don’t last a lifetime, and at some point you may want to sell your old vehicle to a private buyer. Obviously, you want to sell at the highest price possible. There are, however, factors that may affect the vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book Price. You should be aware of how a car dent impacts a car’s resale value.

Dents and Your Car’s Resale Value


Normally, the first thing a prospective buyer does is walk around the car to perform a visual inspection of the exterior. If there’s a noticeable dent, there’s a good chance the buyer will use that as a bargaining chip for driving down the price. Aside from dents, the buyer may also point out nicks and scratched paint to get you to agree to a lower selling price.

Of course, other factors like the interior and mileage will come into play as well. However, most dents can be restored by an auto body repair shop. Likewise, scratches in the paintwork can be restored by a certified auto painting service.

Getting Your Car Appraised


You may also want to take your car to an appraiser to estimate its value. Most appraisers will give your car a grade of excellent, good, fair, or poor. Keep in mind that a single dent can make a difference between a “good” and “fair” grade. If you want the highest grade possible for your official report, then it’s worth taking care of the dents and scratches, even if they seem fairly negligible.

We’ll Remove Those Small Dings


Before selling your car, take it to Northwest Auto Rebuild if there are any noticeable blemishes in the exterior. Whether selling to a private buyer or as a trade-in to a dealership, all dings and nicks should be addressed. Visit our shop tour to check out our paintless dent repair methods. Dents affect a car’s resale value more than people realize, so don’t let those small imperfections reduce your car’s potential worth.
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Expert Dent Repairs for Car Sellers

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