New Magnesium Metal May Make Car Dents History

northwest auto rebuildThose unsightly car dents are unsightly. Unfortunately, your car at some point or another will more than likely accrue a few scratches, nicks, and dents during its lifetime. This is why there’s a need for auto body repair services. A new type of metal, however, tentatively called magnesium metal, is in the works. It’s so durable that it just might save your car from minor bumps and paint scratches.

What Is Magnesium Metal?

Magnesium metal was developed at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering. Its composition consists of magnesium fused with ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles. The latter is the very same material used in bulletproof vests and military flak vests.

When ceramic silicon particles are infused with magnesium, the result is an ultra-durable metal. Unfortunately, the fusion also means plasticity loss due to the silicon particles clumping together. There is a way around this, though. The clumping can be addressed by dispersing the particles using kinetic energy that’s applied to the molten magnesium alloy.

Implications for the Auto Industry

Magnesium metal does not mean that automobiles will have an indestructible shell. It does mean, however, that it will take a lot more than an impact from a rolling shopping cart to dent the metal. In addition, since magnesium metal is much more lightweight, it also means potential increase in fuel economy.

Even if magnesium metal becomes a mainstay in vehicle assembly, it’s still a good decade or two before that happens. In the meantime, you’re going to need to rely on services like Northwest Auto Rebuild for automotive painting or repairs if your car gets scratched or dented. Visit our shop tour to see how we restore metal back into its original shape. Magnesium metal, though, is certainly a concept to keep your eyes peeled for.

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Edited by Justin Vorhees