The Auto Painting Process at a Glance

body-works-4bLike painting a home, painting a car is a complex process divided into multiple phases. Furthermore, the job requires far more supplies than just a paint brush and can of paint. When you understand the full auto painting process, then you’ll understand why this isn’t a DIY project.

Auto Paint Process #1 – Surface Preparation

The car frame’s body must be thoroughly prepped before the surface can be repainted. This may include basic auto repairs, such as applying fillers, fixing dents, straightening panels, and removing rust. The entire surface will also need to be sanded until nothing remains but smooth, bare metal. This is a painstaking process, and each panel typically requires around two hours of sanding using fine-grade wet-and-dry sandpaper.

Auto Paint Process #2 – Primer

Priming provides a layer of protection between the car’s outer metal shell and the paint. Primer also improves color consistency and resilience of the finish. For a seamless finish, multiple primer applications are required.

Auto Paint Process #3 – Masking and De-Trimming

Masking consists of taping over the trim to protect the area during the painting process. In de-trimming, the trim is removed during the painting and reinstalled afterwards.

Auto Paint Process #4 – Repainting

It’s not until all the aforementioned steps are applied that the auto painting can actually begin. Ideally, the painter should use a base coat/clear paint as opposed to a single stage paint. The former, while a bit pricier, represents the latest in paint technology. The end result is a greater shine and better protection against dust, debris, and dings.

Leave It to the Auto Painting Pros

Unless you have the equipment and extensive know-how, auto repainting is not a DIY endeavor. Northwest Auto Rebuild can repaint your car whether it has been damaged in a collision or you have just grown tired of the current color. Visit our shop tour, and you’ll see that our facility is equipped with the latest equipment for tackling any auto paint job.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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