Is Dry Ice Dent Repair a Legitimate DIY Method?

NW Auto RebuildThere are all sorts of DIY dent repairs that can be found on the Web. One such method is dry ice dent repair. Does it really work, though, or is it one of those old wives’ tales? Learn more about this controversial method and whether it’s worth trying the next time you find your car with a visible dent.

How Dry Ice Dent Repair Works

To understand the dry ice method, you need to understand the nature of metal and thermodynamics. Normally, you begin the process by heating the dented area using a blow dryer or other heating application to expand the metal. The next step is to apply dry ice. The heat followed by sudden cold causes the molecules in the metal to contract. This pops the dent back into place.

Can Dry Ice Actually Remove a Car Dent?

According to most auto body repair shops, the method may potentially work, but don’t count on it. This is especially the case if your car was built in the 80s or after. Beginning in the early 80s, car manufacturers began using thinner metals for the frame. Thinner metals do not respond as well to the dry ice method.

Here’s the expert’s advice: unless your car is manufactured from the 70s or earlier, don’t waste your time trying it out. The method, however, may work on newer models if the dent is very wide and shallow. Even then, it’s not recommended you try it. Dry ice can potentially damage the car’s finish.

Let Us Fix It

Let Northwest Auto Rebuild handle all types of dents. Our auto painting and repair crew implements the latest technology and application methods that actually work. Visit our shop tour to find out the state-of-the-art methods we employ. Forget about the dry ice dent repair method; don’t risk further damage to your car by using an outdated dent removal trick.
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