3 Tips to Prevent Auto Damage from Road Salt

bodyworks-saltThe roads in Seattle can get quite slippery, especially during this time of year when there’s a lot of rain and even snow in some areas. To provide greater tire traction, city workers will sometimes spray salt on the roads. This is certainly a good thing as it improves road safety. However, salt is also corrosive to paint on a metal or aluminum exterior. Luckily, though, there are a few easy ways to prevent car damage from road salt.

Top 3 Salt Damage Prevention Tips

#1 Undercarriage Spray

Salt can ravage the car’s undercarriage, including the car’s floor panels, suspension, and exhaust system. If you take your vehicle to a car wash, enquire whether an under-spray is used. An under-spray uses a Jetstream of high-pressurized warm water to strip the car of salt and dirt without damaging the paint.

#2 Wax Your Car

Right after a wash, it’s also recommended that you get your car waxed as this provides an outer coating of protection. Be sure to also wax the area close to the tires where salt and brine is most likely to collect. People tend to only wax the parts most visible, such as the hood, trunk, and doors.

#3 Wash Regularly During Winter

To prevent the effect that salt has on the paint job, clean the car as much as possible during the winter months. We recommend you wash your car at least once a week during this time and get it waxed once every two weeks.

Let Us Fix Salt Damage

Has road salt damage has already taken its toll? Contact Body Works Auto Rebuild. If the salt has clearly eaten away at the paint, then our auto painting service can restore the surface. Likewise, our auto body repair department can address any vital parts of the car that have been badly rusted from over exposure. Your insurance covers most or all of the cost if the company is among our list of insurance partners. We frequently treat car damage from road salt during this time of year, so call BodyWorks today!

Complete Car Restoration From Salt Damage

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Edited by Justin Vorhees